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Larry, How About Writing A Php Book Using A 100% Real-World Website?

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Currently all PHP books are using simple web apps examples. Is it doable to write a book using a small-to-middle size real-world website? By real-world I mean it's a 100% real website that can run without any modification and enhancement.


This will not be a beginning PHP book so no syntax needs to be introduced, so the book won't be very thick. Just follow that one website development process, and develop every aspect of the system.


I guess the market is crying out for such a book...

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Chris, I personally feel like Larry's book already has everything you need to make a real-world website.

It's really just a matter of putting the pieces together, which I feel is more the result of lots of practice and experience, which I don't think any book can really teach.


Out of curiosity, what specifically do you feel that Larry's book is missing?

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Hello Christopher. It's do-able, but I'd say there's no point to it. If people want a real-world, ready-to-run website without any changes, they wouldn't go to a book, they'd go download that existing thing. Like if someone wanted a complete blog, they'd just download WordPress. If someone wanted to learn how to code a blog, they could download WordPress and look at the code.  (Assuming the someone already knew PHP, as in your example.)


If there are people that might want to learn how to make the complete site from beginning to end, there won't be many of them. If an entire book is based upon one rigidly-defined example, then the number of people that would be interested in that book would be:


* The number of people interested in that specific example

* Minus the number of people that don't already know how to implement that specific example

* Minus the number of people that don't want to learn this from a book

* Minus the number of people that are unaware that such a book exists


So, in short, what you'd be doing is creating a book that's supremely useful to a very, very small number of people. Whereas I try to write books that are extremely useful to the largest number of people.

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