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Writing A Php And Mysql Scheduling Application

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I need some help with a php application. I want to write simple online scheduling/appointment application with PHP and MySQL. I am not sure how to begin.


Basically these are what the application would allow:


- to log in as member

- choose the person (advisors) they want to make an appointment with

- pick a date and time from available time slot

For example, Feb 1, 2014, 8:00AM- 8:30AM

- Submit the date to advisor (email confirmation)



- to log in as an admin

- set up their schedules (available date and time).

- there are several advisors, each has seperate schedule.


My questions are:

- What tools/frameworks should be used to display Calendar and time?

- What appropriate methods should I store advisors available date and time in MySQL?

- If i use jquery UI to display calendar, how can I make it interact with the database?

For example, GREEN is available time, RED is booked. Thanks for your input.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums.


The short answer to all of your questions is: Read Larry's PHP & MySQL book. It has all the answers in it.

To be a bit more specific though:


1) You can use a framework if you want, but what you're trying to build is simple enough that basic PHP should be more than sufficient. The time it would take you to learn a framework probably wouldn't be worth it for a small project like this.


2) Use the DATETIME type in MySQL to store all the dates and times for advisors.


3) Because jQuery is a front-end library and PHP and MySQL are back-end technologies, you will need to use Ajax for jQuery interactions to interact with a DB.


Good luck.

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