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Linux Operating System !

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Hi everyone,
I am first time in my life going to install Linux because i will have a subject in my semester.
  • I want to know do i need a separate harddisk for it?
  • I have 500GB drive should i add one just for Linux?
  • Second Question is Which version i will start from ? Please guide

Thanks & Regards,


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Does it run alongside with windows 8?

If i add another harddisk so its ok to do that ? because i think it needs alot of space comsumed by Linux. My developer friend told me Fedora its best for beginners.


What would happen if there are two harddisk and with two operating systems. Does it show Dual Operating system options?

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Well, if you use VirtualBox, Ubuntu runs on top of Windows 8. Basically, you run VirtualBox like any other program on Windows 8, and from there, you launch Ubuntu, which then opens in a window on your desktop like any other program window. Ubuntu runs from that window in Windows.

And yes, if you do do that, you'll need to allocate enough disk space and memory for Ubuntu to function well.


Also, two hard drives with two OSs will only work if you wire up your BIOS to make it easy to choose which HDD to boot from. Not all BIOSs are that customizable though, so the more common solution is to install both on the same HDD, and let the Ubuntu installer set up the dual booter.


Here's a page from the Ubuntu wiki on how to dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu:


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Never used either, so I can't really comment.

If you want to start with a really simple UNIX-based OS, use Mac OS X. It's UNIX based and has a UNIX terminal that you can get used to using.


You can also download something like Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com/) for Windows, which allows you to use a UNIX terminal in Windows.

Once you're used to that, the jump to a UNIX/Linux OS is easy.

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