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Operating System: Windows 7

Server: Apache 2.4.7 / XAMPP 1.8.3

PHP Version 5.5.6

Browsers: Google Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117; Firefox 26.0


Chapter 8 - Error Handling and Debugging: Creating Custom Error Handlers (p. 253-257)


I created the error handler as indicated in the book. When tested on browsers the result I get are empty arrays after the error message. I also used the original code downloaded from the text's downloadable content resource and got the same empty arrays. Is this what I should expect? The only difference I see from the book example is the MAC operating system. When I change the value of the 'LIVE' constant to TRUE, I get the correct display of apology message with hidden detailed errors, exactly as in the book. Below is the message with empty arrays when 'LIVE' constant is set to FALSE:


Testing Error Reporting


An error has occured in script 'C:\Users\file\handle_errors.php' on line 51: Undefined variable: var



    [_GET] => Array




    [_POST] => Array




    [_COOKIE] => Array




    [_FILES] => Array





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