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Need A Safe Free Image Manager

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I have several of Larry's books but this does not directly relate to any of them. I hope that is OK


I teach web design to beginners and would like to recommend a free, stand-alone image optimiser to my students .
I tried downloading one from the internet and my computer was infected very badly with the "mysearchdial.com" search bar. It took me a whole day using my anti-virus program and three anti-malware programs to get rid of this pest.
I am now very wary of trying other free programs for resizing and compressing images for web sites.
Please would you recommend a bug free program.
"Image Resizer" has been recommended, can you advise me if that is safe?
Best wishes
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No problems in posting this. I don't personally know of anything I'd recommend, but you might get more input from others if you indicated a required operating system to be supported by the app in question.

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Thank you Larry and HartleySan,


95% of my students use Windows but I also need to advise the 5% who use Macs.


I tried the link provided by HartleySan but I think the command line approach is too daunting for my absolute beginners classes.


I will probably have to risk downloading "Image Resizer" into an old computer so that my other machines won't be infected.


Best wishes


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Personally, I would learn how to use a Windows command line tool and a Mac command line tool, and then walk your students through how to use both.

If you take them through step-by-step, I don't think it'd be that scary, and they will enjoy getting the knowledge.

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