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I just wanted some opinions for a non mac user, who just has now got an air.


I believe PHP and Apache come with the Mac, i just need to turn them on so to speak and download MySQL + PHP MyAdmin I guess. Is that all there is to it, I remember a post by Larry some time ago saying he'd done away with all in one solutions like WAMP. Is that still the case Larry?


I'd like to use Nginx as my server, but does it have benefits that far outway Apache in a development scenario? As I'm new to the whole OS X set up, I would like the simplest solution, which won't involve me downloading reams of things and deleting them and having complex configs etc.



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I use the installed Apache, and then grab PHP from:



And MySQL from MySQL, of course. 


Nginx may be faster than Apache, but there's probably less documentation for it and speed on your own computer won't really matter. 


Pretty quickly, you'll need to get comfortable using the terminal and treating your Mac like the Unix box it is.

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Yeah, Github is like $25/year if you want private repositories. I think I have a paid account. There are alternatives to Github, though (can't think of them off the top of my head). 


The only reason I mentioned Github instead of just Git across computers is that you don't have to worry about networking them when using Github. Not a big deal, but a bit more effort required.

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Thanks Thomas, 


You got to me too late I'm afraid, I had seen about homebrew. But there are so any options for software in general that I didn't know which way to go. In the end, I basically, did as I first suggested at the top + Larry's install of PHP. I've had to use the terminal quite a lot in the last couple of days. Seems to be up and running ok so far. I've got PHP + MySQL + Apache + Node. Haven't done anything with them, but they seem to be able to work together.

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I think I said to Larry at some point a couple of years ago, that I thought JavaScript would take over the web. I think it was when I was first reading about Rhino. That might not be true entirely, but I do hear really good things about Node.js in terms of what it can do, how quick it is and that you could share the same code front/back end.

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