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It's been about two and a half years since I started using Digital Ocean - hard to believe. I am still with them and have several websites on a basic droplet. Never had a days problem.


How has everyone's experience been with them? Are you guys still using DO?

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I forget how long I've been using them; a while now. I'd endorse them wholeheartedly. There was one DNS issue that required a hard reboot but that's been it. Their support was quite response on that.


The big caveat with Digital Ocean is you do have to know what you're doing somewhat with respect to Linux and servers and such. Not only do you have to set things up, but you have to be able to debug problems when they go awry (I'm having an issue with MySQL memory that I need to resolve), and make sure you have ample security and backup measures in place.


But the performance and price combination is excellent!

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