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Hi Mr. Larry,


I just begin to learn Flex after preparation of PHP & MySQL,

And, I'm kind of confused about usefulness of FLEX, you know, hmtl5 is here, and also got so many third party frames about css and html,

Should I pay much attention to flex learning? 

Does it turn out to be obsolete?


Best wishes,



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In my personal opinion, Flex is becoming less and less useful, like you said.


it doesn't hurt to know Flex though, as a lot of the programming concepts found in Flex carry over to other languages (after all, ActionScript and JavaScript are both based on ECMAScript), but I agree with you that your time would be better spent learning JavaScript if your goal is to make yourself relevant and marketable.


Still, Flex is an interesting thing to learn as a hobby (and there are still the occasion jobs that float around that ask for Flex devs, which there aren't many of anymore).


Hope that helps, and welcome to the forums, kelvin.

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In general I fully agree with HartleySan and Larry in the context of Flex and Actionscript3 as web development tools. But I have done a couple of small applications using Flex/Actionscript3 which run on the desktop (via AIR). In this non-browser context I have found those tools very useful.



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Hi Larry,


With Visual C++ and creating a Windows form, you can access the local (Windows) file system using the .NET capability.  I don't know if the form bit is necessary but that's how I managed to do it (just recently).


I don't know that this approach can be used on non-Windows system but I suspect not.


Cheers from Oz.

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AFAIK, there is no .NET equivalent on Mac OS X (or *nix). Yes, Java works in this area (all of the Eclipse stuff). Someone SublimeText, written in Python, works on all OSes. I imagine it has custom ports to each OS, though. 

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