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That's valid, and I apologize for any steam-inducing comments I made.


I spend my days these days working for a bunch of university types that don't understand technology at all, and I quite often get the most ridiculous requests that are akin to, "Could you please build a Google search engine by yourself in a week?" or, "This sucks right now, but if you make this one little thing animate, then it'll be perfect."

Because it's my job (and also because I enjoy the challenge), I quite often try to accept their requests as best I can, but I also know all too well the feeling of someone else making a request like it's nothing, when you know full and well how much work it is to make that "simple request" a reality.


With that said though, I have also come to realize that most of the time, the requests are reasonable and fair, and as such, I really should try my best to grant them, as they lead to a better overall experience.

And if nothing else, I try to put a positive spin on everything and realize that the reality is no matter who you work with, you will always get too many unreasonable requests, tons of gold plating, etc., but it will make you a better programmer.


Anyway, I simply wanted to share that anecdote because I wanted to convey the fact that I know how you must have felt when I made those comments.


Luckily, when you're only allowing images for uploads, it's not that hard to keep things secure. In my experience, the end all-be all is to simply make a new copy of the image and discard the old one. That will stop any tomfoolery.

And it's usually a necessary step anyway, as most sites quite often have to make several sizes for a given image to handle responsive layouts.


Anyway, I didn't mean to cause you a lot of headaches. I know it's hard when you're still learning JS and jQuery, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Best of luck with the site.

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Well its too late now, i paid for it today and i am going to start building it into my site. It should be easy to implement as the js handers are almost identical to that of swfupload. HTML 5 file uploaders here we come.


Larry remember my item create page code i done a year ago it was about 300 lines plus in the controller, now its only about 20 lines. I pulled the whole load of code into separate model functions i even recreated the save functions. I think every time i look back i code i can always improve it in some way, its never perfect but to be honest i don't care anymore so long as everything works i can polish up later on its really optional. I don't believe any site online is really perfect .


But with regards to loading up images and stuff there are other problems i have found that are not talked about online and are independent to how my website functions, i guess this is what is meant by restructuring. None of this stuff we are doing is a easy as it looks but no problem so far has been too much for me.

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Sorry for the ultra late (and now likely useless) reply, Edward.

There was a long period of time where I was on these forums daily (usually multiple times a day), but over the past few years, I have slowly grown out of these forums.


I still love all the people here and all the help Larry has provided me with over the years, but it just feels like it's time to move on. Besides, there are still lots of great people on these forums to help out.


I imagine that I'll still once every month or so stop by to look for any topics that pique my interest, but I will no longer be contributing at nearly the level I used it.


Please be sure to let me know how your site is coming along though, and I will try to read up on it and respond in kind when I'm around.


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Yeah i understand where you are coming from everything has its time before its time to move on, we get busy with other stuff, daily lives etc. You have done an amazing job in answering all those posts, its really not easy trying to understand exactly what someone else is talking about when they make a post, but for you it seemed very natural at it.


Regarding the Uploadifive i did pay the $5 and downloaded it but after taking a further look at it i decided to stick with SWFUpload for now. You see i have already implemented SWF for user image upload and item listing images. I think figuring that out and replacing would take 3 weeks or longer, you also have to consider all the testing and bugs. I feel for now its better i stick with what i have then return later for this mobile stuff. I just recoded my item listing page and the update page it has taken me almost 3 months most of the website weight is in that page, other parts of the site are generally easier. I had 4 parts with tabular data which included one part for images, its taken along time to get it all working. I have seen other sites change parts of there site and to be honest there speed is similar to mine so i think i am doing well.


I seem to be making good pace now, i think i need about one more year of coding to the level of where i can get this website online.


I hope to see you around on the forums. Thanks for the help you have given me.




(Actually my site is online but its not finished it would be stupid of me to put it up just last minute, OMG i would have so many more bugs to fix)

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I totally agree with you, Edward. You don't have to justify to me why you are going with one solution over another. If something saves you three months of dev time, then obviously, that's worth it, and I'd do the same thing.


Also, I think the reason I am usually able to figure out a problem someone is having is because it's kind of a, "Been there, struggled with that," sort of thing. Most of the problems people have had, I've had as well, so I can usually relate, which helps a lot.


Anyway, best of luck with your site, and it sounds like you're learning a lot in the process.

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