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Hi, I was learning the code on creating a search engine, that accompanies this book from here:




and encountered an issue in the se_index.php file.



Everything worked fine until I tryed cyrillic characters, the


preg_match_all('/\b\w+\b/', $content, $output)


function didn't allow them to get through:




After researching the net I fount the solution adding the u caracter for unicode like this:


preg_match_all('/\b\w+\b/u', $content, $output);


and it worked on the localhost with LAMPP.


Recently I tried to index a website on a shared hosting that runs PHP-5.2.17, and the same method that worked on the localhost, didn't with cyrillic there. I also tryed 


preg_match_all('/\b\[a-zA-Z\p{Cyrillic}0-9]+\b/u', $content, $output);

and other combinations of regular expressions with the \p{Cyrillic} but nothing worked so far.

If anybody has knowlege how to solve this issue, please give me a note, thanks.


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Sorry for the long delay, I haven't had an opportunity to try it on a live web hosting with the search engine yet, but I just managed to make a related task: Leaving the Cyrillic and Latin characters, numbers, dots, dashes, and spaces intact in a string, while replacing any other characters with an underscore.


The 1st link:


was of help!


Here is the code:

$modified_filename = preg_replace("/[^\\s\\p{L}0-9 .-]/u", "_", $filename);



Thanks again.

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