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It may be the worst question in the forum, but I really need to ask.

If WordPress can do so much so easily, why do we need to learn PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, that seem so hard. What can be built with these frameworks that is in demand.

Please don't be annoyed with the naivety of the question. I would really appreciate some insights regarding this matter.

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This is a fine question. WordPress is a decent product and certainly the smart choice for many situations. I use it myself for my blog, although I sometimes regret that. There are several reasons why you wouldn't just use WordPress for everything. The first is that WordPress can't do everything. It'd be tedious to list specific examples, but basically, as you move outside of the realm of CMS,WordPress becomes less and less useful.


Second, even among the things that you can do with WordPress, many of those it can't do well. By that I mean both be truly customizable and, just as important, perform well.


You can think of WordPress like one of those all-in-one tools: you can use it as a saw, as a screwdriver, as pliers...But it's not a hammer, it's not a great saw, it's not a great screwdriver, etc.

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