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Any Rails Users?

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I know these forums are primarily for php users but I'm wondering if any of you also use Rails. After spending the best part of a year working in Ruby and Rails, I've been asked to revisit a php site I built a couple of years ago and add paypal or stripe payments functionality to it. 


How similar is Yii to Rails?

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Yii was highly influenced by Rails, so you'll see a lot in common. For example, both use Active Record. And both are MVC. And both do auto-generation of scaffolding for you. So in terms of functionality and design, there's a lot of similarity. In fact, that's one of the reasons I like Yii so much, as Rails was the first framework (in any language) that I used.


Of course, Yii is written in PHP and Rails in Ruby, so the actual code will be quite different. 

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