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In ch 7 Design Patterns I am a little uncertain how to fit the UML diagram on p234 to the Strategy example. I realize that it is a generic conceptual model. I think the Context box could represent the intereface iSort, the Strategy box could represent Both Class MultiAlphaSort {} and Class MultiNumericSort {} and the ConcreteStrategyA{} ... C{} would be represented by Class StudentList{}, if fitted to the Strategy pattern example on pages 235 to 240. Is this correct?


I do understand the implementation of the Strategy Pattern example. The reason I am bothering with the UML diagram here is that these diagrams have helped me a great deal when included with the oop chapters.


Also, a slightly unrelated comment. If you ever decide to write the fourth edition of this book (which I would buy in a heart beat), I think it would be enhanced by an Appendix devoted to a listing of all the UML syntax. Of course keep the in-context examples of UML as well.




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