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Option Of (1)Selecting Then Uploading Data And Then To Do..(1) Many Times

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Hello! Please I would want to be able allow users select  options from a list of selections as many times as possible using php, how do i achieve that? Below is a form for better description of what i desire to do



<form action="" method="post">

<p>You can enter your subjects as many times as possible</p>



















<Input type="button" value="enter">






Supposing the user want to enter 5 subjects with their respective grades and year, how do you make the html and php do this jointly or would one require Javascript to do this? Please I need your assistance!

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To allow a person to select multiple things in one SELECT menu, you just add `multiple` to the opening tag. That being said, I think you need to rethink your logic in your HTML. It sounds like they need to select: class, grade, year, all tied together. But they can select any number of those entries. So you actually will need X number of class, grade, and year select menus, all named in such a way that they can be associated. 


You can use PHP to generate the right HTML (with a loop, this will be easier), but you'll want to make sure you get your HTML right before moving onto the PHP that handles the form's submission.

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