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Using Yii On An Existing Website

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Is Yii a reasonable option to use for an existing website?       What conversion issues can be expected?

I see the advantage of Yii for a new website.


Background: Our website serves a senior club and is home grown using 'PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Webisites', 'PHP5 Advanced' and 'Modern Javascript Develop and Design' with some third party scripts.     It has many admin & email features.    A conversion to Yii could make shared admin & website extensions easier but unsure of the effort needed to convert.   Thanks for your thoughts.

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Yes, it's absolutely reasonable to use on an existing website. It's no small chore converting a site from one approach to another, however. The hope is you'll end up with more features and better security when all is said and done. But it's a lot of work. 


There's also the benefit of using this as an opportunity to learn something new. 


If you approach this job from those perspectives, it should be worthwhile. If your primary goal is to have something up and running quickly (and you're not really solid with Yii already), this isn't a good choice.

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