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Just got a little stuck. Iv'e created a form but I cant get the items from my multi select items list into the database. Everything else works fine could just do with a little help.



<?php # script 8.5 - register.php # 2

$page_title = 'Register';

include ('../Includes/header.html');

// Check if the form has been submitted:
if (isset($_POST['submitted'])) {
	require_once ('../conn/mysqli_connect.php'); // connect to the database.
	$errors = array(); // Initialise error array
	// Check for a first name:
	if (empty($_POST['first_name'])) {
		$errors[] = 'You forgot to enter your first name.';
	} else {
		$fn = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc,trim($_POST['first_name']));
	// Check for last name:
	if (empty($_POST['last_name'])) {
		$errors[] = 'You forgot to enter your last name.';
	} else {
		$ln = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc,trim($_POST['last_name']));
	// Check for an email address:
	if (empty($_POST['email'])) {
		$errors[] = 'You forgot to enter your email address.';
	} else {
		$e = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc,trim($_POST['email']));
	// Check for a password and match against the confirmed password:
	if (!empty($_POST['pass1'])) {
		if ($_POST['pass1'] !=
		$_POST['pass2']) {
			$errors[] = 'Your password did not match your confirm password.';
		} else {
			$p = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc,trim($_POST['pass1']));
	} else { $errors[] = 'You forgot to enter your password.';
		if (empty($errors)) { // If everythings OK:
		// Register the user into the database.		
		// Make the query:
		$q = "INSERT INTO users (first_name, last_name, email, pass, items_list, registration_date) VALUES ('$fn', '$ln', '$e', SHA1('$p'), NOW() )";
		$r = mysqli_query ($dbc, $q); // Run the query:
		if ($r) { // if it ran OK.
		// Print the message
		echo '<h1>Thank You</h1>
		<p>You are now registered. In chapter 11 you will actually be able to login!</p><p><br /></p>';
		} else { // If it did not run OK
		// message
		echo '<h1>System Error</h1>
		<p class ="error">You could not be registered due to a system error. Please try in a little while. We appologise for any inconvenience,</p>';
		// Debug message:
		echo '<p>' . mysqli_error($dbc) . '<br /><br />Query: ' . $q . '</p>';
		} // end of the if ($r) IF
		mysqli_close($dbc); // Close the database connection.
		// include the footer and quit the script.
		include ('../Includes/3.4_3.4_footer.html');
		} else { // Report the errors.
		echo '<h1>Error!</h1>
		<p class="error">The following error(s) occured:<br />';
		foreach ($errors as $msg) { // Print each error.
		echo " - $msg<br />\n";
		echo '</p><p>Please try again.</p><p><br /></p>';
		} // End of if (empty($errors)) IF
		myli_close($dbc); // Close the database.
	} // End of mail submitt.


<style type="text/css">
#apDiv1 {
	left: 107px;
	top: 229px;


<form action="register_2.php" method="post">

<p>First Name: <input type="text" name="first_name" size="15" maxlengh="20" value="<?php if(isset($_POST['first_name'])) echo $_POST['first_name']; ?>" /></p>

<p>Last name: <input type="text" name="last_name" size="15" maxlengh="24" value="<?php if(isset($_POST['last_name'])) echo $_POST['last_name']; ?>" /></p>

<p>Email Address: <input type="text" name="email" size="20" maxlengh="80" value="<?php if(isset($_POST['email'])) echo $_POST['email']; ?>" /></p>

  <input type="password" name="pass1" size="10" maxlengh="20" /></p>
<div id="apDiv1"></div>

<p>Confirm Password: <input type="password" name="pass2" size="10" maxlengh="20" /></p>

<P> List: <select name="items_list[]"  multiple size="1" >
<option>Item 1</option>
<option>Item 2</option>
<option>Item 3</option>

<p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="register" /></p>

<input type="hidden" name="submitted" value="TRUE" />

include ('../Includes/3.4_3.4_footer.html');

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