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We Are Looking For Programmer, How Much Would It Cost?


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I am working on a nice programming project and we want to hire another software person to implement a part of it that can be broken out of the main project.

It involves getting data from various websites into Excel spreadsheet and robust error handling. I can explain all the details.

We are estimating one week for each of 36 states. We don't know how much to pay you--you tell us. We are working on the budget right now but we hope to get the funding soon and work could begin maybe within a month.

Also, you would need to be able to support the software so when there is any problem in the future they call you (not me).

If you would like to comment on the rate for such a project, it might be interesting for the forum or you can email me. And those that might be interested and want more information, email me. a-7-bigail@wi.rr.com

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