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Does The E-Book Have The Same Content Than The Book?

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Sorry about the confusion. Apparently I'll need to update the table of contents somewhere! Could you let me know where you saw those chapters?


The Marketing and UX Touches material got pulled into other chapters and the OOP example chapter didn't get written due to time and page count restraints. So, short version: you're not missing anything. Sorry again for the confusion!

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No, it's just that in the Programming chapter it's written "New in this edition of the book, however, is Chapter 16, “An OOP Example.” It demonstrates how key components of an e-commerce site would be programmed using OOP". And many sites which sell the book give in the Table of content:

Part 4: Extra Touches
Chapter 12: Marketing and UX Touches
Chapter 13: Adding JavaScript and Ajax
Chapter 14: Using Stripe Payments
Chapter 15: Extending the First Site
Chapter 16: Extending the Second Site
Chapter 17: An OOP Example


Anyway, i was very insterested about the key components which would be programmed using OOP. Could you tell me more about it?


Thanks in advance

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Sorry about that. I'll work on getting the references fixed, to the best of my ability. 


As for doing an OOP example, I'd use the OOP interface for working with the database. Then I'd define classes for:

- Customers

- Products

- Orders

- Carts


The particulars, and whether the Products class would be multiple classes, would depend upon the specifics of the site. 

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