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In the upper right corner, the word WELCOME  is highlighted when you enter this page,




Watch closely, and type any letter, perhaps t.


You will see the whole app shift to the left.


If you click outside of the typing box, you'll see the whole app move back right.  I call this shifting.


We've avoided this on the main app page by adding margin at the top and bottom.  However then the app needs to be centered vertically frequently.




Any advice on what is happening with this shifting problem is greatly appreciated.


As always, Gracias de antemano  (Thanks beforehand)




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Yes.  With the vertical (above and below) margins, the page always has a vertical scroll bar at the right extreme of the browser window.


When before I said there is no horizontal scroll bar, I meant there is none on the dictionary typing boxes (upper right corner).  If I make the browser box much smaller (horizontally) I will get a (horiz) scroll bar at the bottom of the browser window, but not on the dictinary typing boxes.


The dictionary typing boxes DO HAVE vertical scroll bars when user typing inside.

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On Firefox the (browser window) vertical scroll bar does not appear, making it somewhat of a mystery.  However on Chrome, the scroll bar does appear and disappear, making the cause of the problem (horizontal shifting) more obvious.


I guess having enough blank space top and bottom so that the scroll bar is always present is the best solution.


Thanks for clarifying this for me Hartley!




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