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Am I The Only One Who Reads Book Introductions?

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Hmm. I found out something interesting today. According to what Larry put at the beginning of "The Yii Book", I must be a very uncommon reader. He said this: "This is the 24th book that I've written, and of the many things I've learned in that time, a reliable fact is this: readers rarely read the introduction."


I read that and was like "....WHA?! REALLY?!" because whenever I start a new book, I usually read the introduction. If I don't read the intro, it usually bothers me until I do, lol.


So now I'm curious: Does anybody else here read intros or am I the only one? :)

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Hehe if I am I won't be surprised xD


And I don't even know why I read intros. A lot of the time, they turn out to be completely unnecessary. Yet I still feel like I have to read them lol In fact, I think the most exciting thing about starting a new book is reading the intro!


So rest assured, Larry, your intros get read by at least one person ;)


Oh and haha I fell asleep earlier and I had a dream about the Yii book intro and you had written this in it: "I write these intros for the few people who read them. BUTTERCREAM I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!" And I was like "WTF?! Why am I in a Larry book?"


Weird dream xD

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