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Chp5: Pdf Wont Show

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I must be missing something. Everything works as expected but the pdf never show. It just says "loading" on the bottom acrobat style. I even tried adding an extension to the file name as you see bellow.

	$valid = false;
	if(isset($_GET['id']) && strlen($_GET['id']) === 63 AND substr($_GET['id'], 0, 1) !== '.') {
		$file = PDF_DIR . $_GET['id'] . '.pdf';
		if(file_exists($file) && is_file($file)) {
			$query = "SELECT id, title, description, file_name FROM pdfs WHERE tmp_name = '" . escapeData($_GET['id'], $dbc) . "'";
			$result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query);
			if(mysqli_num_rows($result) === 1) {
				$row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC);
				$valid = true;
				if(isset($_SESSION['user_not_expired'])) {
					header('Content-disposition:inline;filename="' . $row['file_name'] . '.pdf"');
					$size = filesize($file);
				} else {
					$pageTitle = $row['title'];
					echo '<h1>' . $pageTitle . '</h1>';


					echo '<div>' . htmlspecialchars($row['description']) . '</div>';

		trigger_error('There was an error accessing the page you requested. Please try again later.');

viewingWarning is just a function i created to display the please sign in to view content or please renew to view content. It works just fine in other pages so I dont think thats the problem. I even tried copying and pasting view_pdf.php straight from the downloaded folder and it does the same thing. Im coding on my personal laptop. Any special settings I need to use to display pdfs?

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Well, I would try it in multiple browsers, just to confirm. If it responds the same, you'd need to start adding in debugging echo statements to figure out where it's hanging. (Understanding that those debugging statements will prevent the PDF from downloading properly, but that's okay, for debugging.)

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