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Possible Error In The Book

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Hi Larry,


Well your C book finally arrived down here in the antipodes:-)  And I'm enjoying going through it a lot.  It is helping to clarify some mis-conceptions that I had.


On page 146, the first line in fact, you have a signifier %lu but the downloaded code has %llu. Is this a minor errata or am I seeing double??


I checked the book errata but it's not there.


Thanks again for a great book.


Cheers from Oz.





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(Finally clearing up threads that I've been "watching" for wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyy too long, but for posterity...) %lu is more generally safe across platforms. Not all platforms support %llu (unsigned long long). I'll correct the downloadable code. 


There is a trick to doing the universal-right thing but that's a pretty involved change for this point in the book!

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