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Cannot Make Ckeditor A Wysiwyg

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Hi again!


Have downloaded and installed CKEditor. It shows on my add page form ok. I can add text and add the page ok, and the content is safely stored in the database.


However, when the add_page redisplays with the confirmation message, the content appears in the textarea field (CKeditor panel) as plain text together with formatting tags. ie it is not behaving as

a WYSIWYG editor.


How do I get this to display as WYSIWYG content?


PS the allowed formatting tags are correctly stored on the database and the actual page displays properly when I visit it, so this is about getting the $_POST['content'] to display properly in the CKeditor field on the form.


Any clues? Have I failed to install/configure the editor properly, or do I need to manipulate the $_POST['content'] in some way?

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Thank you for your response.


The idea was to adapt the original add_page.php form into an edit form, so that a first draft of a page which was originally entered via the add_page form and stored on the database could be amended/updated. In order to get the stored data to display on the edit form, I was setting it to $_POST['content'], so that when the form loaded, the create_form_input() function would display the content in the editor.


You are right, (of course!), entities are being used. I substituted your mysqli_real_escape_string for htmlspecialchars (mainly because I am not familiar with mysqli. For example, I am using $pdo to connect to the database. After some investigation, I am using html_entity_decode() to return the entities to the corresponding symbols, and the CKEditor is now correctly formatting these and so is a WYSIWYG text editor once again.


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction on this!

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