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Script 1.2 Tasks Are Added To The Database.......multdimensional Arrays.

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Good to be here people.


I am not being able to insert my first tasks. Is this a suprise? The error in my logs says:


mysqli_fetch_array() /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/myphp/databases/add_tasks.php:64


I have really looked everywhere that I can; no joy.


Can someone please help me

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Welcome to the forum.


To enable you to be better assisted, can you please let us know the computing environment within which you are trying this and also at least the portion of the code that you are trying to execute.


Also, I presume that you have set up the tasks table in the test database? (as per page 9 of the book).  Are there any records in the tasks database table?


I have found that this tasks exercise is an excellent one so good luck.



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You should make sure you have display errors enabled so you see the full error message when it happens.


Also, just to be clear, the book assumes complete comfort with PHP and MySQL. 

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