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Script 9.5 And Abs (Absolute Value)

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Hi Larry,


When I tried to run script 9.5 - rational.cpp, my Dev-C++ IDE gave me an error re lines 131 and 132 (approx.) where abs is used in the normalize method.


I had to add #include <stdlib.h> and then everything worked OK.


Just FYI.


Cheers from Oz.

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Probably due to a different IDE. In a separate post I described a problem that I had with exercises 6.2 and 6.3 and the solution that worked for me in my Dev-C++ version 5.8.3 IDE which seems to use the TDM-GCC compiler version 4.8.1, 64 bit, in my environment.


However, later on I tried the same exercise 6.2 in an MS Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition IDE and it ran fine as per the script in your book.


As per "The King of Siam": 'Tis a puzzlement!


Cheers from Oz.

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