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Hi Larry


I read with interest in your recent newsletter your plans to publish a new edition of your Javascript book. Having grappled with js for a few years and seen it change hugely, I'm looking forward to the new edition and was very pleased to read that you will be doing more with the advanced material. The language has evolved so quickly that it is hard to keep up and never having spent enough time learning it, I always have to start back at the beginning.


Having read many of your books, I thought I'd give some feedback. 


Your books were one of the first resources I used and one of the few that I stayed with when I started teaching myself web development 4-5 years ago. I regularly recommend them to others. What I like about them is the real world examples with proper code samples and a full explanation of the concepts behind the techniques. I find that I'm able to apply what you've covered to my own projects and I haven't always found that with other resources I've used.


I"m hoping that your new edition will enable me to get to grips with prototypes and closure. Would you be able to include a few examples to practice these concepts? What about including a few examples of using AJAX to work with APIs? I'm also hoping that I'll be able to get more involved in your forums again; having only used ruby and rails for the past year and a half, my php has become very rusty.


Hope the feedback is useful.




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