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OK well I am officially dumb. I seem to be the only person to get stuck on BASE_URI in Chapter 2.


I have tried:

define('BASE_URI', 'c:/xampp/htdocs/site1/');
define('BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/site1/');


define('BASE_URI', 'c:\xampp\htdocs\site1');
define('BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/site1/');

etc but can get nothing to work.


The page comes up but does not find the CSS file (although some styling is picked up).


The links in the form

<li><a href="#">link 2</a></li>

work fine but those like

<li><a href="../index.php?p=this">This</a></li>

link to the htdocs not to htdocs\site1 as it "should".


Grateful for any pointers.


EDIT: OK well all seems "fine" now. Deleted C: from URI and links were as they should be. Then edited URI to sdags and that was fine too. I have a horrible feeling this may be some sort of caching problem but test echo messages were coming up as they should be so am more than a little flummoxed.


What exactly is the URI used for here? Surely all the browser navigation is done via the localhost reference.





PS think there is a tiny error. The link for the "logo" at the top goes to index.html and not .php

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OK solutions from multiple problems. First PHPStorm's Chrome plugin was broken causing some of the problems. Not sure how I sorted the link but suspect that might be related.


I then made my life worse by copying over the style.css in the zip root thinking that that must be it - and it was not.


Downloaded css from http://www.html5webtemplates.co.uk/and things started to look a lot better.


Well there goes a couple of hours I will never see again but getting slightly more competent.


BTW XAMPP puts AllowOverride for the htdocs folder in httpd.conf by default - just so you know!





PS Still have no idea where the URI constant gets used.

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Glad you figured it out. Assuming you are using the PHP Advanced book, I double-checked, and I don't think the BASE_URI constant is used in the code, but it could/would be used to provide absolute references to things on the file system. For example, you could use it to include the MySQL connection script. 

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