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The objective is to have the user provide some characteristics via a form. Based on the user’s input the php program would output a resorted table placing the nearest match on the top, with the second closest match on the second row and so on. 

I believe the table is small enough to store in an array?
Some of the cells/fields can hold multiple values. Should these be stored as an array within an array?
The full table has 40 rows.
Thank you for your suggestions and advice.


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The table rows represent an animal species. The cells within a row represent traits of that species.  


User data is compared against the corresponding data in row cell of the table (http://virginianaturalhistorysociety.com/temp/table.png)

When user data matches the corresponding cell in a row a 1 is returned, else a 0. Table rows are then sorted by highest score (most matches) and displayed to the user.


For example:


The user data = Sandhills, Slender, Smooth, Uniform, Brown, White


The user data is  compared against the corresponding data in each row cell of the table (http://virginianaturalhistorysociety.com/temp/table.png)


Species (row) one has 3 matches

Species (row) two has 4 matches

Species (row) three has 6 matches

Species (row) four has 3 matches


Rows would be sorted by the number of matches:


1. Species (row) three has 6 matches

2. Species (row) two has 4 matches

3. Species (row) one has 3 matches

4. Species (row) four has 3 matches

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Okay, this is going to be a bit tricky to do, and you'll want to start small and work your way up. First, I would definitely normalize the database structure. Although you could store multiple values in arrays, that'll make it much harder and slower to search. I would also highly recommend that you create checkboxes or drop-down menus for the user to select qualities. That will limit room for error. With all that in mind, I'd then start with the functionality to check maybe 2 things and work your way up. 

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