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hello Mr Ullman:


I am currently building an application using stripe. I ran into the following problem.


I have members on the applications who sell their goods. anonymous users come and pay for those goods. I can create the charge on stripe and send the money to my users no problem. However, I want to charge my users a percentage, or a flat fee, from that transaction.


ex: (This is a fictional example!! i don't have a old underwear selling site).


Members of my site post and sell their old underwear using my platform.


people visit the site, they like the underwear and they decide to buy it.


the underwear costs 100$ (overpriced but whatever).


i want to take lets say 5% of that transaction for me (for providing the platform in which they sell their underwear) and the rest of the money send it to my member.


I do not want to charge the credit card of the buyer 2ce because he only should make one payment from the checkout.


I want to take the money from the total amount, split it in 2 and send 1 to the stripe account of my member, and the other amount (the 5%) to my application's (my own) account.


I have looked to solve this problem for like a month now and I am stuck. This is the last thing I need to implement before starting beta tests with some of my members. Do you know How I would go about doing this?


I thank you in advance for any help I can get on this issue (or to any forum member who can remove this block I have had for a while). Thanks =)


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