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In the book on page 57 it states in the tips "Because PHP is lax with its variable
structures, an array can even use a combination of numbers and strings as its keys. The only important rule is that the keys of an array must each be unique."
How can you get duplicate keys? 
I tried experimenting wrote the following:


echo "<p>This text was generated by PHP!</p>";
echo "hello word<br>";
$states['IL'] = "hellow";
$states['IM'] = "IM hellow";
$states['IM'] = "IM hellow2";
echo $states['IL'];
echo "<br>";
echo $states['IM'];
echo "<br>";
echo "Test this: {$states['IM']}";


It simply assigns the new value to the array and not let me create a duplicate?

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Thank again 


Sorry for asking too many questions ... I am enjoying it ... I started learning a while ago then stopped and now started again this time not to quit ... I realised alot of things I simply glossed over ... or didt type out all the code nor experimented much with the code ... this time round I am doing that and its alot more fun and I am enjoying it ... 


I think by being curious and trying out different things giving me more confidence to write my own little snippets ... 

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