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Hello ,


first of all to Larry -> thank you for your books and your work!!!

I have a question and can't find an answer. The question is:


Which algoritms and data structures need to know php programmer or functions and classes which described on php.net are enough?


As I don't have a lot of practice and right now I only doing web applications for myself but my main goal is to become a web programmer.

This question actually for guys who have a practice on real big projects? And of course if Larry will have a couple of minutes it will be pretty cool to hear reply from him!


Thank you guys. B)


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Thank you very much for the nice words. I really appreciate it. 


As for your question, there's actually no one right list of algorithms and functions to learn. It's all project-centric. For example, if I do a lot of work with XML, then mastering the SimpleXML functions is imperative. But if I never work with XML, those functions aren't relevant to me. If I only use MySQL, the PostgreSQL functions aren't important to me. Et cetera. 


More than anything, learning and getting up to speed is not a matter of mastering syntax and function usage, but rather understanding logic and approaches and problem solving. Real-world programming is not a matter of "what is the X function and how do you use it?" but rather "how would you develop a site that does Y?"

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