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Calling The Getuser Function: Where Does With('user') Belong?


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I'm not sure how the second part of this example is related to the first, and where it belongs. I am quoting from page 174 of YiiBook2:

# models/Page.php
public function getUser() {
return $this->hasOne(User::className(), ['id' => 'user_id']);

This means you can fetch every page with every page author in one step:

$pages = Page::find()->with('user')->all();
I'm guessing that 
calls the getUser method.
Is that right?
But in which file does the second part of the example belong? In the view file?
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Apologies that this isn't more clear. Yes, the with('user') ends up calling the getUser() method. As for where you'd do that--retrieve Page instances, you might do it in a model, you shouldn't do it in a view (it's too much code execution for a view), but most commonly it'd be within a controller. 

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