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How To Display A Username After Successful Login?

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Hi everyone,


I am a newbie here. I was wondering if someone could help me in how to display the username after successful login. I want to display it beside the <h1>Welcome</h1> which is in the index.php file. 


Lets say the username is Harry. After logging in, I would like to display Welcome Harry.


I have googled it a bit, and I found that we have to set the username where the session has been started. But I am not sure how to do it here.


Please help!


Thank you.



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Just as a heads-up, the book doesn't assume basic familiarity with PHP and MySQL. If you aren't familiar with sessions, I do worry you're going to be in trouble later in the book, which gets pretty advanced. If you find yourself struggling too much, I'd recommend going back and learning the basics.


But, yes, this is a sessions situation. You'd store the username in the session upon login and then display it within the context of the page if it exists. Check out the PHP manual's section on sessions if you're unclear on the specific code. 

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The following is code that I have used to get the username or whatever wording you desire from the database and then display it. I have used "Hello". The session is started in the config.inc.php file. The user's information is stored in the database once it has been sent there from a form that you have set up on your website.



$q = "SELECT id, username FROM users WHERE id={$_SESSION['user_id']}";

$r = mysqli_query($connect, $q);

if (mysqli_num_rows($r) > 0) {

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r, MYSQLI_NUM)) {
// Display the username and heading
 echo "<h2>Hello $row[1]! <br /></p>

 Your Notices should appear in alphabetical order below. <br /></p>
 Click on the notice that you wish to edit.</h2></p>";

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