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Hi Larry- I just noticed that you have PHP for the Web 5th edition available last month. I have a couple of questions:


1. An Amazon preview of the book is avail. for Kindle but not paperback. Is there much difference in content between the two? Much rather have the physical book.


2. I own PHP 6 and MySQL 5. Though mySQL is not in the title of PHP for the Web 5th edition, it has chapters on it. So, what is the main difference between the two? From what I understand, you are due to come out with the next edition of PHP (without the 6) and MySQL 5 this fall. In light of the fact that I already own the former version, would I, in your opinion, be better off to wait for the new version or purchase the PHP for the Web 5th edition book.


Most of my interest is in building websites.



(p.s.) My current copy has been through hell with my cats and having been out for a day in a thunderstorm. Thanks to Shoe Goo and some heavy cloth repair material, it is still usable but I feel it has earned at least a sem-retirement status.


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Sorry for the too-delayed reply! Busy summer! Answers are...


1. Unfortunately, I don't know. I've not seen the Kindle version. 


2. I don't think you're a good candidate for the "PHP for the Web" book. It's definitely a beginner's guide for those with little to know programming experience. I will be writing the 5th edition of the PHP and MySQL book, but I haven't started it yet, so it probably won't be out until early 2017. 


Thanks for the interest and the questions, though!

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