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Question About Using The Admin Portion Of The First Site

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I want to use the first site login portion to access the admin portion of the site for a simple cms. I will not really need the login portion for anyone with a subscription will this be safe or will it need to be a protected folder like the second site example to be safe. I will not be storing any payment info. Thanks

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Hmmmm, I don't know much about those types of attacks, but I suppose if the GET method is used from the admin page, there could be issues if the received data is not properly tested.


You could use an .htaccess file to set a password for the admin page, etc.


Certainly, I'd be curious to hear what others have to say as well.

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Well, it's always safer to use a separate system for administration but that doesn't mean it's necessary. It's just a matter of what's the appropriate level of security for the situation. With what you describe, it doesn't sound like it's necessary to use a separate folder and system.

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