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Selecting Multiple Unsimilar Tables

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I would like to know how you would select from multiple tables:



colx, coly, cola, colb, colc





col1, col2, cola, colb, colc


the tables only differ from the first 2 columns of each of them (tables) but I would like to have it SELECT * FROM "both of them"


actually the reason for that is I wanted to lay all out in a while() loop, and at the same time paginate it.


while tableA consist of older records, time-wise, it will be the first to be "echo-ed", I had problems paginating it if I do not join the query into a single query as opposed to querying tableA, then echo, then query tableB then echo.




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FROM tableA, tableB


A tips thought; User more descriptive names for your tables and columns. :)



Sheez, that easy I was googling and resulted to JOINS, LEFT JOINS, ON AS... Thanks, I'll run a quickie.

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