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There Is No Php 6 Version Why Then Does This Book Has Php6 As Title

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When Larry wrote the book, a release of PHP6 was planned, with the major feature being Unicode support. But it was taking so long to get Unicode support implemented, that a decision was made (after the book was released) to make the changes into a branch, rather than a full version. So this book's title has turned into Larry's "Dewey Defeats Truman" error.



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Paul, I LOVE that description. I need to manufacture a picture of me holding up PHP 6.


Veruna, I've written about this in my blog (and on Amazon), but filling out what Paul wrote, PHP 6 was being developed when I wrote the book, so I used a development version of PHP 6 to write the book. To be fair, only about 5% of the book requires PHP 6. And, actually, I think all of that 5% can now be done with PHP 5.3, because, as Paul mentioned, many features intended for PHP 6 were folded into earlier versions.

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