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Why Do Single Quotes In Array Keys Cause Parse Errors?

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I'm asking this question based on the section on p.57, "Receiving Form Data in PHP".


When a form uses method="post" why does


print "($_POST['name'])";


cause an error, whilst


print "fe'rg'al";


doesn't? Both statements have single quotes inside double quotes.



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It isn't the single quotes that causes the problem. The bottom is just a string, as long as you match the quotes properly it's all good. The top line is an associative array and can't be called as such.

print "{$_POST['name']}"

should work. print() doesn't need to take the parenthesis and to call an associative array inside a print or echo you need to wrap it in curly brackets. As far as I know

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Thanks for the reply Jonathon, I'm not familiar with curly brackets yet, but will hopefully get to them soon.


As regards to using print with arrays, like the one I referred to above, Larry wrote the following in the book;


When used within double quotation marks, the single quotation marks around the key will cause parse errors
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You don't actually need the curly brackets in the second example (when doing concatenation) and you don't need parentheses in the first.


As for why this is a problem, I don't know: just the way PHP works, I guess.

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