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This is just a note to say that I haven't officially created any "Review and Pursue" threads in this forum yet as I didn't know what, exactly, readers would want. So feel free to post your questions as you have them and I'll answer them as they come. In time I may then shuffle things around to create an organized "Review and Pursue" system. Thanks for your interest in the book!

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Can I suggest that you post or make downloadable, the code for the reviews and pursues. I have the code from the chapters, which was already written in the chapters as well. But, when I get stumped on the pursues (like making edit_quote in ch. 13 sticky), it would be helpful to have the some sample code to look at for ideas and to check mine against.





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Hey Sharon,


You can certainly suggest this, but I don't have anything on hand to post or make downloadable. Pretty much all of the answers to review questions are found in the book. Most of the pursue prompts either require that the user do something like confirm their version of PHP or look something up in the manual, neither of which I can post as an answer. The same goes for a lot of the recommendations of specific things to try: often they would differ based upon the user.


That being said, if there is a specific prompt (either review or pursue) that you'd like help with, please just post that as a new thread in this forum and I'll be happy to assist.

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While practicing some of the 'pursue' instructions for ch. 9(p. 256), I think there's an error:


Rewrite customize.php so that the script also applies the user's preferences. Hint: You need to take into account the fact that the cookies aren't available immediately after they've been set. Instead, you would write the CSS code using the $_GET values after the form has been submitted, the $_COOKIE values upon first arriving at the page (if the cookies exit), and the default values otherwise.


I believe it's supposed to be $_POST, not $_GET.



And btw, I'm thoroughly enjoying your book... planning to buy more.

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I agree with Sharon. I'm having issues with chapt. 6 persues. Having some definitive code to check our work or to even give us helpful hints/answers to explain things would be very beneficial. Rewriting the code part of the persue is frustrating without some guidance to know if you're on the right track or not. While I find this part of the chapters intriguing and challenging, I find myself giving up (with much regret) because I don't really know what I'm doing yet.


Same with an answer key to the reviews. While yes the answers are in the chapter preceding it, it would be nice to have an answer key that lets us know that our answers are on the right track. For example, when you ask "why?" as an additional part to a question it would help to know whether we're right or wrong, even if we got the first part of the question right.

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I just bought PHP Visual Quickstart Guide from Amazon. It's "Third Edition", but this forum says "Fourth Edition". I didn't see a Fourth Edition on Amazon when I purchased this. Does it matter that I have the Third Edition?


I'm just learning PHP and need all the help I can get. So far I like the book.





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Both the 3rd and 4th editions are available on Amazon. Here's the link to the 4th edition:



I personally first read about PHP and MySQL about six years ago using the 3rd edition though. I have since bought the 4th edition, and looking through it, the differences are minor enough that I think you'll be fine with the 3rd edition.

The core is there in both books, and I think it'll be enough to help you get started.


If you ever get confused, just post a question on these forums.


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