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Just a little social thread for anyone knocking around,


I just wondered what peoples favourite websites are and why. I can almost certainly say that Amazon is my favourite website! It's so intuitive and reactive, from giving % likelihoods of buying an item or other related items to being able manage your orders, break them up, combine or whatever and it just reschedules everything and gives dates of shipping etc. I think it's basically really clever and that's why it's my favourite.

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Hey Jonathon,


I moved this to the "Social" forum, which I had just created last week (per Antonio Conte's suggestion). Thanks for the good question.


My day starts off with ESPN, as I'm a big sports fan, then the Chicago Tribune (I grew up in Chicago, so that's where I get my news from). Then I read Failbook, to be amused. If time, I do the first three KenKen's, which are awesome (I used to do Soduko).


I pretty much do all my shopping at Amazon, although I often comparison shop elsewhere (and then buy at Amazon). When I was writing the e-commerce book, I was well aware that Amazon pretty much does everything right from a user interface, e-commerce perspective.

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Yeah that's fine Larry, I must have missed that section.


My day is similar I enjoy the BBCs website and stock up on various snippets of news. Failbook i've never heard of but it seems funny already so I shall check it out. Amazon from a development perspective i really love just because its so clever.


Right off to check out Failbook! :lol:

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I have a lot of websites that I check out on a daily basis (this site being one of them). When it comes to favorite sites, I'm a big fan of Slashdot for tech news. I also check out Google News on a daily basis, just to get a pulse of the "average" news, if nothing else.


I also check out Steam on a regular basis. Their site is pretty well designed. They were one of the first sites I ever saw do an all-JS slider.


Also, I would agree that from a usability perspective, Amazon pretty much does it all right. I've had my gripes in the past with the site, but considering I buy just about everything but food from there, I can't complain too much.

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