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Hi Larry and anyone else with Dragonfly,


A few months back you mentioned Dragonfly, I was just wondering if you're still using it? I got a new system recently (a few months back) and it was the first browser I got other than IE that came installed. But I have to say that I found it even slower than Firefox sadly, I liked the Dragonfly itself, but I couldn't really handle the browser speed, It was even fairly slow loading a local server page. I have moved to Chrome for general browsing and I do feel that it is probably the quickest browser about, I use it if I'm developing in PHP generally, but anything more in depth or that's JS, HTML,CSS based I still use FF and I guess I really use both of them. Just wondered what your experiences with DragonFly were?

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Hey Jonathon. I don't use Opera as my primary browser, but I've not had the problems you've experienced. I was using FF as my primary for years, but the performance was terrible and there seemed to be memory leak issues. By mid-day, FF was taking 500MB of RAM! I now use Safari primarily (I'm on a Mac) and Chrome as a secondary. For development I head to Opera or FF.

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