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How To Insert The Next Available Id If The Field Not Auto Increment?

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How do I insert the next available id for a field if it is not auto increment?

Is there a function I can use within the insert statement to get the last id and increment it by one?


I was trying this

INSERT INTO wine(wineID, wineYear, wineName, winePrice, wineHarvest)

VALUES((select(MAX(wineID)+1) FROM wine ), 2009, 'Vidal icewine', 13.5, '2010-01-29');


But It did not work. It said, Error Code: 1093. You can't specify target table 'wine' for update in FROM clause


I know you would say why just don't you use auto increment on the id field :)

This table was given to us by the teacher in school and she did not auto increment the id field.



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initialize that field to a value and then increment it by a value as you need when you insert next row to the database...

The table she gave us contains 23 records, so I need to insert the record number 24, but I want to be able to insert id 24 without going back to the table and look what was the last record.

Is there a function to do that in the insert statement?

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mysqli_stmt_insert_id () function can be use to retrieve last inserted id.

I am not trying to retrieve the last id I inserted.

I want to insert a new record into a table and used the next available id for a field that is not auto increment.

All I am tasking is that if there is a function to be used within the insert statement to insert the next available id.

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So basically a query within a query? I suppose that would work, but I can't understand why you wouldn't just auto increment the ID field instead.

If I was working on this project, I would use the auto increment, but we are taking this in school and the teacher meant to not auto increment the ID field for teaching purposes , so she can show us how to use the sub query.

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