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Perhaps This'Ll Be My Final Regex Question

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My current regex conundrum is as follows:


I have used the following regex pattern to capture all the HTML between a bunch of pre tags (of which there are many sets):




All the content (the HTML between the pre tags) is stored in group reference $1. I can output the results as follows:


echo preg_replace('/(?<=<pre>)([\s\S]+?)(?=\<\/pre>)/','$1',$content);


However, because the HTML contains all sorts of angle brackets, etc., you can't actually see anything. As such, I want to run the content (i.e., $1) through a function like htmlentities as follows:


echo preg_replace('/(?<=<pre>)([\s\S]+?)(?=\<\/pre>)/',htmlentities('$1'),$content);


But this doesn't work. Is this even possible (what I'm trying to do), or is it just that my syntax is no good?


Thank you all in advance.

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Hi HartleySan,


You can use functions inside preg_replace however not in it's default implementation. PREG_REPLACE has a special modifier 'e' which when placed after the pattern causes references in the replacement element to be evaluated as PHP code. Here's an example from the PHP manual:




I've never had cause to use it but thats the premise.

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