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Antonio Conte

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Okay I am back to show some projects.  I have deviated from javascript a bit to blur on objective-c with php backend. I am posting a link to the current project I am working on. It's a video of an app I am making that loads data from a php script. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEB4oHJ__0s


Its still a work in progres. Sorry about the music in the background I was veging out coding and listening to music.



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Hey everyone, I've been busy with programming. I haven't stopped by here in a while. Just though i'd share my first app that is now in the Apple App store. It was quite a journey to say the least but I made it. The App is called "Type It, Say It". You can type anything you want into the text field and the system voice (Siri) will say it back to you. Check it out if your an Apple user.







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Hey guys! Maybe it is not the right place to post, if so, dear admins, please, move it to the right place.
tWe look for a few beta users for our new ZoomAdmin platform (www.zoomadmin.com), which will be lunched in QA1 of 2019. We are still in the development but there are screenshots and youtube demo videos available. If anyone is interested, please, ping me. Thanks. Angela A. ZoomAdmin team.

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