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Personalising Pop-Ups

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Am a complete n00b to Flex/Actionscript but have diligently worked through the book, and am now starting to play with the technology. So go easy on me :-)


My question:

Am using Zend AMF on Wampserver to populate a DataGrid. I have a doubleClick event which, when the user doubleclicks a row on the datagrid, initialises the variable selectedRow:Object and opens a simple pop-up(Form, FormHeading, FormItem, TextInput and Button).


I would like to take the data from a cell in the doubleclicked row eg selectedRow.description and add it to the FormHeading label of the pop-up, so that when the pop-up opens, the description cell from the row selected on the datagrid is displayed in the pop-up heading.


I have made the variable 'selectedRow' bindable and am trying to insert {selectedRow.description} into the FormHeading label - somthing like <mx:FormHeading label = "This is the description + {selectedRow.description} "> in the pop-up, but no luck.


No doubt, a n00b error. I'd welcome your thoughts.






mysql 4.1.14

php 5.2.12

wampserver 2.1

flashbuilder 4.0

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No worries. I found a way to make it work: + datagrid.selectedItem.description + seems to work using Alert.show inside a doubleClickHandler function.


It's a cool technology, but not immediately intuitive. Lots of trial & error for me, so far :-)

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