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Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Vs. Flash Builder For Php 4.5

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I am new to PHP and have never used FLEX so I am considering buying a version of Flash Builder to get things started. I am trying to learn PHP using Dreamweaver cs5 and Mr. Ullmans book " PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites ( 4th edition ).


I really want to learn application development for Android phones, and am very confused.


I have Adobe design suite, which does not include "Flash Builder". It only comes with the main Flash program.


I can upgrade and get Flash Builder included in the package, but it is just the standard "Flash Builder", not the one for PHP.


If I want the PHP version, I have to buy it separately anyway. The PHP version comes with an integrated copy of Zend Studio 8 which is way past what I can understand.


My real question is the cost is the same, so do I need Flash Builder CS4.5 premium or Flash Builder CS4.5 for PHP Standard edition?


I do not really understand what you need or get by buying the Premium versions vs the standard versions or the versions designed for PHP.


I hope this question is not to off topic, but I think Flash Builder is a FLEX tool, so hopefully I am in the correct general area.


Thank you in advance for any information you care to share.

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Yes, this can be confusing. So, yes, Flash Builder is used to create Flash content using the Flex framework. The difference between the standard and premium editions of FB are largely in debugging, performance tuning, and charting (I believe that's correct, off the top of my head). The difference between the PHP and non-PHP versions is inclusion of the Zend Studio. If you do a lot of Flex+PHP development, that's nice to have, but it's not a perfect combination, and there are some aspects to it that can be confusing, even to someone at my level.


I would recommend the premium version to start, but you can do a 60-day trial of it. Don't start the trial until you're absolutely ready to begin, and then you can get the most of FB before the trial is up and then make a purchasing decision.

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