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I am working on #4 pursue (chapter 12):

convert newline characters into HTML break tags:


It looks like I need to use the n12br but I can't get it to work in my view_entry.php. I thought I could simple add this code after the print below but it doesn't work. Many examples that I found show using the echo but I tried that and it doesn't work either. Any suggestions?



while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($r)){

print n12br("<p><h3>{$row['title']}</h3>

{$row['entry']}<br />

<a href=\"edit_entry.php?id={$row['entry_id']}\">Edit</a>

<a href=\"delete_entry.php?id={$row['entry_id']}\">Delete</a>

</p><hr />\n");

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You have the function name wrong; it should be nl2br(), not n12br(). That's a lower-case L, not the digit one. Read it as "nEW lINE to brEAK"


Typography can mess you up sometimes...

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