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Unable To Export Database

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I have a client who needs to move their website to another host. They have a forum using vBulletin software. It's been active for many years and is very large.


I'm trying to export the mysql from the database so that I can rebuild the database on the new servers, but whenever I try to export it I just get an empty, blank document. I suspect, but I'm not really sure, that maybe it's so big the current settings won't allow enough time to complete the export. Does this sound possible? If so, how would I fix this? If not, what other things could be causing this.


The phpMyAdmin interface says version and the MySQL says version 5.0.45.


Bottom line, I need to get the database exported, so any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks much for any help.

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As an alternative, what happens if you back up the full website and then save the tar / zip and see if when you unzip it it has all the sql back ups? I know some hosts will try and get in touch with other companies when transferring things over, might cost a small fee, but probably worth it if there's that much data.


Best of luck though

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Thanks for the help guys. It's taken me awhile to get back to this issue (too much other stuff going on), but I took your suggestion and figured out how to SSH in to the account and export the database. It took me a little while to figure all that out, I've never done it before, but it appears to be working just fine. So, thanks again.

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