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Flash & Windows Related Book Suggestion

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I see you like Adobe Air and wondered if you have tried any of the 3rd Party Flash Wrappers designed for creating windows based software?


Not sure if you are familiar with this product but I have been using it for several years and it is actually an amazing product and actually beats out it's competition for pretty much every category except it is strictly for Windows OS and isn't cross platform and they have no plans to make it cross platform.


http://www.northcode.com creators of SWF Studio.


Someone should really create a book about this product because it is really amazing for creating really, ANY kind of software with. It is not web based but you can use it to communicate with a PHP application for instance that communicates with a database and update database entries etc... that is just one example of the things you can do with it.


I know you have 1000 other book projects, just throwing out something you may find interesting. It is a commercial software so it is not free, cost is around the $300.00 range but they did recently release a prior version for free though it is not strictly open source, no access to the source code or anything and there is no official support for it.


It is one of those diamonds you come across every so often, really is a great company and awesome product.


Didn't know if you knew about it, but since you are interested in Adobe Air, this kind of takes that to an entirely different level for Windows based software development.




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Thanks for your question, Terry. I don't really do anything with Windows at all, let alone development for Windows. In fact, even things that I think are decent, like ASP.net, which extend to a broader audience, are pretty much useless to me because it requires Windows for development and hosting. So, all in all, not my cup of tea. But thanks for thinking of me!

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