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I think I understand the logic flow inherit in nested foreach loops. However, I'd like to be sure. I've annotated a nested foreach from this book with my understanding of its function commented in with the code. Insights would be appreciated.


foreach ( $books as $title => $chapters ) # Look at the first key/value pair in $books. Assign the key to $title and the value to $chapters (in this case, the value is another array). The $chapters variable holds the T2 array, and carries it down to the nested foreach loop.


# Print the key (in this case, a string).
# Look at the first key/value pair in the T2 array. Assign the key to $number and the value to $chapter. In this case the value is a string.
"<br />Chapter
# Print the key and the value (associative array, they are both strings).
# The nested foreach loop will auto-increment through each key/vaue pair in the T2 array before exiting. Once exited flow is handed back up to the T1 foreach loop.
} # Repeat this process for each key/value pair in the T1 array level via auto-increment.

unset($title, $chapters, $chapter, $number); # Clear all of the dummy variables used so they do not affect later constructs.




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